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What is Bandaged better discord | How to install Bandaged better discord

Better Discord is a mod discord version with more features than the original version. It was later discontinued, and the developers have now introduced a newer version called bandaged better Discord. We can see many such mod applications today. Here the locked features of the applications configure to be usable. However, it would help if you were careful when installing such mod applications on your device.

Differences between Discord and Bandaged better Discord

  1. Emotes of Discord Limited. BandagedBD can use all emotes related to
  2. In Better Discord, you can add any themes and customize them.
  3. The latest plugin added. You can even use plugins that others have downloaded.
  4. Here are just a few of the advantages of a bandaged better discord. Many more benefits and services can obtain from that version.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that bandaged better Discord is not an original discord version. It is a clone type application developed by developers using Discord. This will allow you to better navigate through features such as custom CSS.

How to install BandagedBD

Here you need to download both the original discord setup and the bandagedBD setup. First, click on the button below to download the setup file.Download Setup

  • Download it and download the original discord setup again from here.
  • Install the Discord application.
  • Right-click on Bandaged better Discord and run. Then install and finish it.
  • Now you can work with the latest bandaged better discord version.

Software developers, not companies create such mod applications. The company that owns the original application is not responsible for such applications. This way, applications are developed to get a better user experience and use more features. We discussed the ownership of the company here in a previous article, and you can read that article here. What do you think about these mod applications?

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