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Game Dev Tycoon is a high-quality game developing criteria. Several factors have affected for it to be a high-quality game. The main intention of developing a game is to get a high review score, like 9.5+ points. And the measures you take during the game development procedure affect the game Score. The Game dev tycoon guide explains to you how to do game development at a glance.

What is the Game Dev Tycoon Guide?

The game dev tycoon guide consists of game combinations, Unlocks, and Achievements regarding the game. It is going to increase your game score.

What is the Game Score?

The game score contrasts from the review score. You can see the game score only by Modding. The total of the game Design + Tech, divide it by a modifier (Depends on Game Size) and multiply by the quality modifiers that value in between 0.6 – 1 is Modding. The quality check is essential since it directly affects the Game score.

These quality modifiers can be enhanced in the game developing phase.

Game Dev Tycoon Combinations

We all know that good games are having the right combination of the following vital parts. Combinations are one of the main things that the guide mentions.

  • Genre
  • Topic
  • Audience
  • Gaming System

An example is given below.

Combinations For Racing

Genre Combinations

  1. Action: +++ Great
  2. Adventure: — Terrible
  3. RPG: — Terrible
  4. Simulation: +++ Great
  5. Strategy: — Bad
  6. Casual: +++ Great

Audience Combinations

  1. Young: +++ Great
  2. Everyone: +++ Great
  3. Mature: ++ Good


After the combinations, let us move to the unlock part.

  • At the initial step, you are in the garage, and you need to have 1M to unlock the next office.
  • You will receive an upgrade there and have to stay there for 11 years ^ months and two weeks with just two employees and 5M in hand.
  • For the next step, you have to be with four employees and 16 M for Y13 9M W2.
  • Then you should have a design specialist with you to unlock the R& D lab.
  • You have to get a technology specialist to unlock the Hardware lab next to the R& B lab.  
  • To continue the game well, you have to follow some tips.

Keep in mind too,

  • Face an interview whenever you accept one.
  • Have a balance in selecting the employees.
  • Do not get trapped in investments.
  • When you give the source code to the fans, make sure it is your old game engine.
  • Remember yourself even when training the others.
  • Develop a console.
  • When you have more credit, create some game engines to boost the research points.
  • Consider specializing in the employees.
  • An Activision under the company name can give an achievement.

The next in the guide is Achievements.


There are many achievements regarding the Game Dev Tycoon.

Some of those achievements are,

  • Having diversity among employees
  • You have famous employees.
  • You have a Perfect game and versatility.
  • You create a treasure hunter etc.
  • You will achieve all these achievements after unlocking the levels step by step. Make sure to browse more about your achievements.
  • Unobtainium is also an outstanding achievement. It is getting 100M sales for a single game created by you.
  • You have to spend loads of money, in order to develop a good AAA game, market it, and develop it. You have to keep your attention on this game, do excellent marketing, and get the crowd’s attention for unobtainium.

What should you avoid?

Other than the things you should do to have a good game score, there are things that you should not do too. The guide is responsible for reminding you of the things that you should avoid.

  • Do not create two or more games having the same genre/topic sequentially.
  • Do not develop a sequence or an expansion within one year.
  • Do not develop massive games with 2D graphics V3 or less / 3D graphics V2
  • Do not develop an AAA game if you don’t do it with 3D V6.
  • Do not develop an AAA game if the employees are not specialized.

Now you should have understood the purpose of the game dev tycoon guide. Good luck with the future endurances in the gaming world.  

game dev tycoon design or tech

You can mainly influence the combination of Design + Tech from outside game development. Explore more features (allow your employees to score more while developing the feature area) and train your employees / hire additional employees (increase point-to-point).

As mentioned above, the quality of game count as a collection of different modifications, which multiple using the sum of Design + Tech. As a rule of thumb, you have the following improvements that affect the quality of your games:

  • Tech/Design balance
  • Trending
  • Slider (time percentage) allocation
  • Game genre/platform combination
  • Game genre/topic combination
  • Bugs

A few tips to continue

  • The development of games is not just about making sliders. This data is part of the “good way”, but please follow these instructions before continuing:
  • Do not develop two lines in the same topic/category combination.
  • Huge games must be developed with 2D Graphic V4 + and 3D Graphic V3+.
  • AAA games must be developed with 3D Graphic V5 +.
  • You need to develop AAA games with three specialists for the essential stage of your game genre.

Tech/Design balance

Here’s how to apply Tech or Design to each of the areas. But in some respects, both Tech and design fit. There is a designation that is right for them, and you can make your choice. I think it would be best if you could choose the following. Game dev tycoon design or tech, looks below

Engine = Tech

Gameplay = Design

Story/Quests = Design

Dialogues = Design

Level Design = Tech (Design also, but mostly Tech)

AI = Tech

World Design = Design (Also Tech but more Design involved)

Graphics = Both

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